Weird guys

by Admin

toronto escorts: Weird guys
One of my very favorite customers ever would just want me to do things like sit on his lap (with all my clothes on) and pretend to be riding a motorcycle and that he was my passenger. He would want me to tell him a story about riding our motorcycle, like the scenery and what would happen if we broke down and things like that. He always wanted me to make the vroom vroom sounds and lean back and forth like I was going around curves.

And sometimes he wanted to "dance," but what he meant by that wasn't me giving him a lap dance, but just for us to sit together and dance really wackily--again, with all my clothes on.

Sometimes he wanted to do regular, less clothed dances, too, but he was always super polite and funny.

I also have a guy who always brings me books and wants to talk to me about literature. He will bring me like 4-5 books at a time and want me to look them over with him. But after we're done talking he's also into lots of kinky, domination stuff so he's not totally innocent, either.