My secret of success

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toronto escorts: My secret of success

My secret of success

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My secret of success with men is quite transparent: I treat each man as a person that came new into my life, i have not met him just out of the blue, there was a reason from above, he was born to be worth of my attention, and it doesn’t' matter under what circumstances we have met: he may a client in my escort life, next seat passenger in the airplane or subway, a waiter  in the restaurant, a taxi driver, certainly a guy who is over 50 and buying a fur coat in Holt Renfrew is more interesting but it doesn't really mater, I look into his eyes and i know right away that he is interested, then i know he is mine regardless of the status and situation, whether he is engaged, married, in love with another woman till 2 minutes ago, he won't be able to help it - he is mine, he was born into this world to find and distinguish me among many and to love me, each of them in their own peculiar way.

Hot summer day, i am lazily seating on a resort beach lounge chair gazing into the sea... my husband and my son are playing beach volleyball, I have the last Vogue on my knees but i am too lazy even to move the pages I like the way i look: bright mainly turquoise (which is splendid with my green eyes) newest bathing suit by Gottex, a matching pareo, hottest high heeled slippers also in turquoise and a large soft matching bag, shoes and the bag both by Versace this season, and 3 great Persian turquoise antique pieces of jewellery that could easily be a queens pride: earrings and 2 bracelets, one on my wrist and the other one on my ankle he came with his wife and 2 children of about 5 and 7 years old, they placed themselves about 10 yards away from me.

He was as they loved to say in 50's in Hollywood: "tall, dark and handsome", extremely my type, though it mattered very little, most important was the glance, our eyes met for a moment, he said something to his wife in French, which I neither heard nor understood, but I knew for sure he was sending them away either for a swim in the sea or to the beach restaurant, my laziness has flown out of the non existing window, my favourite, my beloved sex energy was overwhelming me, I stood up as a string, put on my beautiful Versace slippers and slowly went toward the changing rooms, i did not have to turn my head back to check if he was following me, i knew for sure he was there bound to me by that mystique and wonderful thread that I always call "LOVE"